WordPress Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance packages ensure your website is always up to date and working!

Support & Updates

All WordPress websites need to be maintained once they are built and all websites need security checks, monitoring, scheduled backups and regular updates.

After investing so much time and money into your website, why would you not look after it?

Maintaining your WordPress site is a necessity and should be done on a regular basis.

If you’re not updating plugins and themes and keeping up with the security of your site, then you are making it vulnerable to being hacked. Updates often include security improvements, bug fixess or vulnerabilities.

Let me do the hard work

If you want to take a sizable number of WordPress tasks off your plate, consider signing up for one of my WordPress maintenance services.

WordPress maintenance services can drastically reduce the time you need to spend on your website.

Let me take care of the mundane tasks that have to be done, so you don’t have to.

What is a maintenance package?

A website maintenance package is a service set out to make sure a website is kept up to date. Packages can start from including the very basic essential services that will keep your webite safe and functioning to the more premium services including E-Commerce support.

All of my maintenance packages include daily cloud backups of your website, so you are safe in the knowledge that if the worst happens you can roll your website back to as recently as the previous day.

Whats included in the maintenance packages?

UPDATES: WordPress core, theme & plugins are updated to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

BACKUPS: Backups are performed daily to ensure you have the most recent version of your website avaialble should you need to restore it. 

SECURITY: A plugin is installed to monitor threats and attacks. Security scans are carried out to ensure your website is clean. 

SITE PERFORMANCE: Speed and performance checks. 

UPTIME MONITOR: Checks carried out to see if your website is up and running and reporting to you if it goes down. 

LINK MONITOR: Checks carried to monitor and fix and links that lead to a page the no longer exists or is broken. 

What do I need to get started?

WordPress logins – Full administrator

Domain name logins: I will not need to move the domain

Hosting logins: I can work using your servers. I can advise on hosting if you dont already have it.